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Equip your fleet with Mobileye
The world's leading Collision Avoidance System

The Challenges

Achieving higher productivity and growth is always the key focus for any business. However, accidents due to fatigue, distractions, poor driving habits and other factors such as distracted pedestrians & cyclists are causing the ever-increasing operating cost of a fleet.

1 %

Percentage of accidents caused by driver error[1]

1 %

Percentage of crashes involving driver inattention within 3 seconds before the event[2]

1 %

Percentage of collisions that can be prevented by a Collision Avoidance System[4]

50 s

Only 2 seconds warning is needed to prevent nearly 90% of forward collisions[3]

The Solution

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Introducing Mobileye 6 Series, the leading comprehensive aftermarket collision avoidance system with revolutionary lifesaving driver alerts. Using a vision sensor installed on the front windscreen of the vehicle, the system acts like a driver’s third eye to offer numerous warnings, protecting the driver against the dangers of distraction and fatigue. The system can be retrofitted into almost every vehicle, both passenger and commercial.

Mobileye, an Intel company, is a global leader in the development of computer vision technologies for Advanced Driver Assistance System. More than 30 million vehicles worldwide are equipped with Mobileye technology.

Protect Drivers. Increase Fleet Efficiency.


Improves Driver Behaviour

When driving with Mobileye, drivers naturally begin to adopt safer driving habits.


Seamless Integration

Mobileye is integrated with Acudrive fleet management system, to enable drivers insights. 


Reduce operating cost

Reducing collisions with Mobileye can save repair cost, subsequently leading to lower insurance premiums.

Avoid collisions with real-time alerts

Mobileye 6 Series comes with 5 life saving alerts. Click on each tab to understand further.


Forward Collision Warning

Alerts up to 2.7 seconds before an imminent collision with the vehicle ahead


Headway Warning

Alerts the driver if the following distance  from the vehicle ahead becomes unsafe


Pedestrian & Cyclist Collision Warning

Alerts the driver, during day time, with warning up to 2 seconds before imminent collision with a pedestrian or cyclist


Lane Departure Warning

Alerts the driver when there is an unintentional deviation from the driving lane


Speed Limit Indicator

Recognizes traffic and speed limit signs

Integrated with Acudrive Fleet Management System.
Better driver insights.

While having Mobileye is important to provide active alerts to the drivers, these alerts can also be collected via integration with Acudrive fleet management system. These insights can be utilised by fleet managers to profile and educate drivers to achieve long-term & sustainable safety standard.

Case studies

Behavioural improvement with Mobileye

A 13 weeks test was conducted to understand how Mobileye, data collection and driver engagement can improve driving behaviour.


Mobileye Series 6 Brochure

Mobileye ROI Whitepaper

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